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Jumat, 24 Februari 2012

Blogger Feeds and Feedburner

In this post I have put together some of the best articles on Blogger Blogspot feeds. You'll find information about reasons for burning a Blogger feed, redirecting it through the free Feedburner service and how to burn a Blogger feed. In addition you'll find out how to optimize your burned feed by adding a FeedFlare to the bottom of every post in your feed. Also included is an unofficial guide to Blogger feed frequently asked questions.

Reasons for Burning a Blogger Feed at Feedburner

Blog Know How - Blogger RSS Feeds and Feedburner
Discusses Blogger RSS Feeds in detail. In this Blog Know How article some of the advantages of burning your Blogger feed at Feedburner are explored.

Blogger Buster - Reasons to Redirect Feed
Blogger Buster provides a list of 4 important reasons to redirect your Blogger feed through Feedburner

How to Burn Your Blogger Feed at Feedburner

Blog Know How - How to Burn a Blogger Feed at Feedburner
A detailed step by step guide of burning your Blogger post feed at Feedburner. The article includes information on how to change the settings in Blogger to point to the new feed. Also included in the tutorial is a walkthrough of adding an RSS icon to your Blogger sidebar to point to the Blogger feed being redirected to Feedburner.

Blogspot Tutorial - Feedburner Tips
A tutorial on signing up to Feedburner that encompasses how to configure some of the Feedburner settings

Add a FeedFlare to the Bottom of Blogger Burned Feed
Blog Know How - Add a FeedFlare to Blogger
This article provides a step by step tutorial on how to add a Feedburner FeedFlare to the bottom of every post in a blogger feed.

Unofficial Guide to Blogger Feeds
Consuming Experience - FAQ About Blogger Feeds
FAQs about Blogger feeds. A very handy resource.

Introduction to Feed Basics
Consuming Experience - Feed Basics
Find out the basics of feeds. Great introduction described in non technical language.

This concludes the round up of some of the best tutorials about using the free Feedburner service to get the most out of Blogger. If you have any other ideas please let me know.

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